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The craftsmanship, ‘Get recognition for quality, Growwith quality’,

which Feelcosmetics possesses has created Urbanlook.

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Research and Development (R&D)

"The good things about Korea can also be good things for the world"
"Foreign products are recreated through the Korean thoughts and values"

Feelcomsmetics is creating new products based on the business know-hows acquired,
and through new challenges, creativity.

  • Developed a new face mask, “UrbanlookPersiancat-eyed face mask” in cooperation with FCK, KTH Asia,
    which can be used for 8 hours for the first time in the world.
  • Developed new matte-typed and toned-up sun block for the first time “LabelloIcecooling Sun” in cooperation
    with Cosmax, FCK.

Feelcosmetics has cooperated in cosmetic products project, marketing, manufacturing, distribution
with its new method, "Everybody together", where everyone can enjoy a win-win.

We are working by building a new platform where each brand company, manufacturer, distributor,
marketing company, consulting company, advertising company and personals cooperate.

We are expanding our business in a variety of business lines and brands - Fashion, Accessory,
Sunglasses, Healthy food.

As a K-brand, we have achieved successful market penetration and overseas business expansion through
the products with competiveness and technology, by the passion and business know-hows
from the partners cooperating with Feelcosmetics