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We are growing in various business lines, distribution/production

/exportation with the best experts in each business line.

Cosmetic Manufacture

  1. Offered consulting service about brand Incubating, product development,
    glassware and manufacture
  2. Carried out business for overseas sales of domestic manufacturers
    • Manufactured based on new trends, localization of products in cooperation
      with our company.
    • Facilitated overseas and domestic sales via our business network
  3. Served as a manufacture agency for foreign clients
  4. Served as an OEM, ODM aboutface mask
    • Installed the biggest domestic one-stop production facility
      (2,500 pyeong - 8265.46281m2) (2016.09)
    • Executeall manufacturing processes in a single factory (ex. pouch production,
      procurement ofnon-woven fabric, filling of essence cosmetics)
    • Product completed items in a small amount without generating spending costs
    • Process of business: Consulting, Product sampling, Non-woven fabric, Consultation
      about essence cosmetics
    • Possess a face-mask production facility
    • Pouch production lines: 7 lines
    • Product face-masks(1,000,000) on a daily scale
    • Hydrogel production: 2 automation lines
    • 2-step, 3-step with 4 automatic filling lines

Domestic sales

  1. Served as a sales agency for domestic online, offline stores and duty-free
    • Owned our shopping mall and served as a shopping mall agency
    • Opened a store in a large domestic online-shopping mall
    • Department stores: Lotte, Hyundai, Shinsege, Aekying
    • Home shopping malls: CJ, GS, Lotte, Hyundai, NS
    • Coupang, Wemakeprice, TicketMonster, G-market, Auction, 11avenue
    • Womanstalk, Memebox
  2. Domestic offline stores
    • Oliveyoung, Watson, LOHB’s, Artbox
    • Department stores, Duty-free shops

International sales

  1. China
    • Jumei com. VIP com. Taobao.com, Tmail, Xiaohongshu, JD.com, BtocDirect
      purchase mall platforms (100), Watson, Sasa, Carrefou, Walmart,
      stores in China
  2. Taiwan: 7-Eleven, Fashion stores, Online stores
  3. Hongkong: SaSa, Watson, Colormix,
  4. USA: Amazon, Costco, Sephora
  5. Vietnam: Online, Distribution
  6. South east Asia: Rakuten
  7. Iran: Face mask exportation
  8. Pakistan
  9. Uzbekistan
  10. Russia